A black plastic pipe that can handle high temperatures. Mostly used in water supply systems. Cleanout Plug: A plug in a trap or drain pipe that provides access for the purpose of clearing an obstruction. Closet Bend: A curved waste pipe fitting under a toilet that connects the closet flange to the drain. Closet Flange: A ring that anchors the toilet to the floor and connects it to the closet bend. Also known as a Floor Flange or Toilet Flange. Collar: A galvanized sheet metal restricting device used in conjunction with plastic pipe. Its function is to direct and control the intumescent action of the firestopping material. Common Vent: An individual vent is permitted to vent two traps or trapped fixtures as a common vent.


Water is one of our most precious natural resources – we can’t live without Gordontheplumber.com Wood Dale IL 60399 it, and yet there’s a very limited supply. If you’re thinking of doing a kitchen, bath or laundry room remodel this year, choose water-efficient faucets and shower heads, and/or place a point-of-use water heater in areas where you consistently run the taps to heat water up. Outdoors, you can install a drip-irrigation system instead of a new sprinkler or consider setting up your own rainwater harvesting system to use for watering plants or washing your car. It can be helpful to think of your toilet as another appliance in your home. Anything with moving parts can break or wear down – and that includes the moving parts of your toilet. Save water and avoid costly problems later with good maintenance this year. Ideally, your water heater should last between 10 and 15 years, but without proper maintenance many fail after 5 or 6 years, leaving you frustrated and sometimes causing significant damage to your home. An annual flush and all-around check to make sure all the parts are functioning well can help you avoid cold showers, save you money, and extend the life of your water heater. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle (and often major expense) associated with clogged drains.


Proof of licensing and insurance is also required. Google also requires service providers to update any employee information and periodically, re-certify that all information is accurate and up to date. The Google Guarantee backs the services performed, with some restrictions. The Google Guarantee appears as a badge on the ad. There are a couple of things that Google takes into consideration when it comes to which ads get featured. One of the most important things is proximity to user, as well as accuracy in terms of the search criteria. In addition, Google also takes into consideration your reputation on Google Local. If you have a Google Local account, take an inventory of your reviews and ratings. Service providers with the highest rankings, will take preference. Also make sure all of your business information is accurate.


As such, ensure you have large diameter gas supply lines. Do not adjust manifold gas pressure as it’s computer controlled and is preset at the factory. Ensure that children can’t reach the electrical sub-panel, outlet water pipes. This will prevent them from injuries or tampering with temperature controls. The outlet water pipe can get boiling at times, which may pose a danger to children. Venting Features for Tankless Water Heater There are 2 options when it comes to venting a tankless water heater; direct and power venting. A Direct vent unit features an intake and exhaust vent since it pulls in air outside the building. Place the power vent unit in an area with enough air quantity for combustion processes. Unlike the former model, this one requires the exhaust vent only. The water heater’s structural design also has a bigger say on the venting options available for you. Depending on the model, you can vent through the sidewall or from the roof.


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