The need for a posh lifestyle can be a significant influence in decision making. The electric tankless water heater also wins because of aesthetics. They are sleeker and more compact compared to their gas-powered counterparts. That is it! Factors to consider when choosing between an electric and gas-powered tankless water heater. Though it isn’t easy to exhaust all the factors, we hold that these are the most crucial. Are you after greater efficiency and higher hot water output? A gas-powered unit will do. Do you want to save on installation and maintenance costs? An electric water heater is all you need.

In newer style water heaters the manufacturers will provide either the traditional thermocouple or a pilot generator which is a larger sized sensing bulb and instead if a copper capillary tube, they actually use shielded light gauged wires which connect to the fuel control valve and again allow the pilot to stay lit. In older water heaters thermocouples have a tendency to burn out which is not unusual, but in some cases, it may have moved out of position keeping it from sensing the heat generated by the pilot light. I’ve actually seen new water heaters having pilot outage issues because the thermocouple moved out of position while in transit. In nine out of ten cases in my experience, the Gas Water Heater Pilot Light went out because the thermocouple lost it ability to generate enough voltage to keep the pilot going. Villa Park Illinois 60181 A common repair in the world of gas water heaters. I have not had the opportunity to replace a pilot generator with the shielded wire leads on a gas water heater to date. Although I did have to replace one on my own gas fireplace. In the video below I illustrate an older water heater followed by a more modern version and take through some steps needed should you decide to attempt this repair yourself. WARNING: I do not recommend the D.I.Y. person take on a repair like this but I know that many in fact do and with that in mind hopefully I can help you avoid some pitfalls in the process. If you having any doubt at all about attempting this type of repair, STOP and contact a qualified professional technician.

This is where you’ll add the new silicone tubing. Press the tubing into the wet silicone caulk. Leave it a little long and trim off the excess with scissors. Butt the tubing at corners. Keep the tubing clean and dust free before installing it to ensure good adhesion. Damaged weather stripping can allow a lot of air to leak around old entry doors. Several surface-mount solutions work well to seal the cracks, but they’re unattractive. A better-looking alternative is silicone rubber tubing weather stripping, available in several colors and diameters. Call Resource Conservation Technology (800-477-7724) for buying information. For a complete list of products and installation instructions, go to . Before you order the tubing, close the door and inspect the perimeter to see how large the gap is between the door and the frame.

Do not adjust manifold gas pressure as it’s computer controlled and is preset at the factory. Ensure that children can’t reach the electrical sub-panel, outlet water pipes. This will prevent them from injuries or tampering with temperature controls. The outlet water pipe can get boiling at times, which may pose a danger to children. Venting Features for Tankless Water Heater There are 2 options when it comes to venting a tankless water heater; direct and power venting. A Direct vent unit features an intake and exhaust vent since it pulls in air outside the building. Place the power vent unit in an area with enough air quantity for combustion processes. Unlike the former model, this one requires the exhaust vent only. The water heater’s structural design also has a bigger say on the venting options available for you. Depending on the model, you can vent through the sidewall or from the roof.

If it is not, be prepared to find something small to stick under one side in order to make it level. This is an important step because having a level tank makes it work properly. Next, you should put some tape (preferably Teflon) on both of the inlet and the outlet nipples when you are putting them on the tank. You are going to want to ensure that you connect the cold and hot valves to […] Are the drains in your home draining slowly, or not at all? Have you noticed that your toilet tends to clog, or that sewage has backed up into your basement? If so, it may be time to have your sewer line cleaned out. Sewer Rodding Chatham Chicago 60619 When you need sewer rodding services, you need to give us a call at Midwest Plumbing Pros. We offer the best and highest-quality service in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago. Our plumbing company is one of the top companies in the state of Illinois, so you can always feel confident that we will give you the help you need to get things moving again.

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